Intro to Reinforcement Learning From Human Feedback (part 1)
October 21 2023

RLHF is a very interesting technique for training an AI from human feedback. This post introduces the basic concepts with a simple example that doesn't need a lot of the technical details from the full implementation. We'll be able to build on it though over the next few posts to end up with an Agent that can play Atari games using a human to provide feedback on its performance

The Solana SPL Token 2022 program (part 2) - Transfer Hook
October 16 2023

The next in a series of posts that introduces the Token-2022 program. We perform a deep dive into one of the most interesting new features - the transfer hook.

An Overview of the Solana SPL Token 2022 program (part 1)
June 13 2023

The first in a series of posts that introduces the Token-2022 program. In this part we create an on-chain mint that can handle a subset of the extensions, including automatic transfer fees.

DaoPlays.. Pokemon!
September 11 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of our first app, DaoPlays Pokemon! Play through the original Pokemon Red as part of a DAO, with votes for the next move happening in real time on the Solana blockchain, and raise money for a range of great charities!

Running A Charitable Token Auction
August 16 2022

In this post we are going to build on our previous posts to build a charitable token auction program, where a users chance of winning is proportional to the size of their bid. They will also be able to decide how much of their bid we keep, and how much we donate to charity, as well as selecting which charity we donate to from a set of provided options.

Monitoring the Solana BlockChain in Real Time
July 27 2022

Here we describe our process for monitoring the Solana blockchain for interactions with an on-chain program, and then storing those interactions in a database so that we can update the state of an app in real time as each new block is produced.

A Charitable Solana Token Launch with The Giving Block
July 16 2022

We go through the process of setting up a 'pay what you want' token launch where participants get to choose how much of the payment goes to charity, and get a bonus if they pay more than the current average

Using Pyth To Seed A Random Number Generator
July 05 2022

Continuing our random numbers theme, we extend the previous post by looking at seeding your on-chain random number generator using a combination of Pyth (a price oracle) with the Xorshift and Murmur based methods from the previous post

Generating Random Numbers On The Solana Blockchain
July 03 2022

For our next blog post we are discussing on-chain random number generation with Solana. In particular we'll be benchmarking a few different methods for performing RNG for those times when you just need a bit of random sauce in your DApp. Depending on how you do it you could save yourself an order of magnitude in compute time!

DaoPlays is Live!
June 28 2022

At DaoPlays we are interested in using blockchain technology to build apps that bring people together. At the moment there isn't much to see, but for now you can check out our blog as we continue to bring our first Solana app into it's public beta on devnet in just a few weeks!